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AST 352K · Stellar Astronomy    1   2   3  

Textbook: Modern Stellar Astrophysics by D. Ostlie and B.W. Carroll. We will be covering the material in chapters 1-3, 5-13, leaving out some material and supplementing the book with handouts as needed. A topic list will be provided on the web version of the syllabus (you're reading it). The topic list will be updated periodically, so check the web syllabus before doing assigned reading. If you have a 307 textbook, please keep it. It is always helpful to have a less advanced book as an introduction to a topic. Also, if you are planning to take Astrophysics in the Spring, you may want to hold onto Ostlie and Carroll.

Three in-class hour exams: 55% (at roughly monthly intervals)
Optional fourth hour exam:   (can replace lowest exam grade)
Homework: 20% (lowest grade will be dropped)
Class Participation: 5%  
Oral Participation: 15% (on presentation and written materials)
Presentation Notes: 5%  

The exams will involve problem-solving using techniques learned in class or on the homework. You will be provided with a list of equations and constants.Basic calculators will be permitted.

You can learn how to do your homework together, but the homework you turn in must be your own work. Work together but solve apart. Duplicate homework will receive no credit. We will not give credit for either copy, so be sure not to share your work after writing it down. Help will be available from both the prof. and the TA. Please make use of it. No help will be given on the day an assignment is due.

Late/Absent Policies:
Homework will be due on Fridays at 10, i.e. before class begins. Late homework will receive reduced credit. After 5 PM on the Friday due-date, the maximum credit available will be 50%. It is the responsibility of the student to deliver late homework into the hands of the prof. or the TA and to receive and keep a time-stamped and signed receipt. Students who are ill on the due date must notify the prof. or TA before class. There will be no make-up exams for excused absences. Students should see the prof. to arrange a revised grade-weighting scheme. Grade replacement is only available for exams taken or homework handed in. Unexcused absences and failure to hand in work results in no credit.

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30 August 2005
Astronomy Program · The University of Texas at Austin · Austin, Texas 78712
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