The Department of Astronomy at the University of Texas at Austin is located on the 15th floor of the Robert Lee Moore Building [RLM], at the southeast corner of Dean Keeton (26th Street) and Speedway Avenue.

Twenty three active teaching faculty and twenty four research scientists, as well as a number of research associates and postdoctoral fellows, maintain activity and research in virtually all areas of modern astronomy. In the past several years, the faculty have won six of the major awards given by the American Astronomical Society, in addition to numerous other honors and fellowships.

The Department's association with McDonald Observatory (located in the Davis Mountains of west Texas) provides excellent opportunities in optical astronomy. In addition, there are strong programs in millimeter, submillimeter, infrared, radio, and space astronomy, as well as theoretical astrophysics. Interdisciplinary work in cosmology between the departments of Physics and Astronomy is facilitated by the newly established Texas Cosmology Center.

Details of astronomical research going on at the University of Texas at Austin can be found in our research section. For published works, see the ADS and astro-ph links listed by researcher.

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The University of Texas at Austin
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The University of Texas at Austin
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