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BS Astronomy
BS Astronomy degree checklist + sample source plan (2010-2012)


BS Astronomy: Honors Option
BS Opt II: Astronomy, Honors degree checklist + sample source plan (2010-2012)


BA Astronomy
BA Astronomy degree checklist + sample source plan (2010-2012)


BS Astronomy and Physics
BS in Physics and BS in Astronomy / 4-year sample course plan for those doing a double degree


BSA Astronomy
BSA Bachelor of Science and Arts (2014-2016)


Office of the Registrar

Department of Astronomy

Honors and Interdisciplinary Programs

Department of Astronomy course offerings are summarized below. Current semester offerings can be found on the courses page.

Lower Division Courses



AST 301

Introduction to Astronomy

AST 101L

Astronomy Discovery Laboratory

AST 302

Self-Paced Introduction to Astronomy

AST 303

Introduction to Astronomy with Celestial Observations

AST 103L

Astronomical Observations

AST 104

Undergraduate Astronomy Seminar

AST 307

Introductory Astronomy

AST 309

Topics in Astronomy for Nonscience Students

AST 309G

Popular Astronomy for Non-majors

AST 309L

Search for Extraerrestrial Life

AST 309N

Lives and Deaths of Stars

AST 309P

Astronomy in Science Fiction

AST 309Q

Time and the Cosmos

AST 309R

Galaxies, Quasars, and the Universe

AST 309T

The Milky Way Galaxy

Upper Division Courses



AST 321

Current Problems in Astronomy

AST 324

Origins: The Universe, Stars, Planets, and Life

AST 350L

History and Philosophy of Astronomy

AST 351

Astronomical Instrumentation

AST 352K

Stellar Astronomy

AST 352L

Positional, Dynamical, and Kinematical Astronomy

AST 152M

Stellar Astronomy Laboratory

AST 353


AST 358

Galaxies and the Universe

AST 364

Solar System Astronomy

AST 367M

Methods of Astronomy

AST 376

Special Topics in Advanced Astronomy

AST 376C


AST 376R

Practical Introduction to Research Methods