Faculty Office Hours

Professor Office Hours
Boylan-Kolchin RLM 17.212 TBA
Bromm RLM 16.214 TBA
Casey RLM 16.218 TBA
Dinerstein RLM 16.324 W 2:30-3:30, or by appt
Evans RLM 15.312A TBA
Finkelstein, S RLM 16.210 TBA
Gebhardt RLM 15.224 M 2-3, W 5-6, or by appt, or just drop in anytime
Jogee RLM 15.214 TBA
Kraus RLM 15.310B TBA
Kumar RLM 17.204 TBA
Lacy RLM 15.310C TTh 9-11
Montgomery RLM 16.232 TBA
Ries RLM 13.134 TBA
Robinson RLM 17.318 TBA
Scalo RLM 15.318 TBA
Shapiro RLM 16.204 After class, or by appt
Sneden RLM 17.206 TBA
Wheeler RLM 17.230 MWF 5PM, or by appt
Winget RLM 16.236 Tu 2PM, or by appt

24 May 2016
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