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M100 Tests

There will be a quiz each Monday on the reading for that week and the topics covered the previous week. There will be two in-class exams, on Feb 14 and Mar 28, and a final exam on May 12. Late exams will be given only with a written doctor's note. Exams will emphasize material discussed in class, but will include topics covered only in the text. All quizzes and exams will be closed-book and closed-notes, and calculators will not be allowed (or needed).


Grades will be based on homework (20% of the grade), the weekly quizzes (15%), in-class assignments (15%), the two exams (20%), and the final (30%). Your lowest quiz and homework scores (one of each) will be dropped.


You are encouraged to study and work on homework assignments with other students, and you are encouraged to get help from the TAs, but you must write out your own answers and make the assigned observations yourself. If you copy another homework or let someone copy yours, both of you will receive zero credit. In-class assignments will be done in groups, and all group members will receive the same grade (if the assignment is graded).





Friday Exams

Jan 13
Ch 1+2+A
The Sky
Jan 20
Ch 3
Cycles in the Sky
Jan 27
Ch 4
The Origins of Modern Astronomy
Feb 3
Ch 5.1+6
Telescopes, Atoms + Starlight
Feb 10
Ch 7
The Sun
Exam #1, ch 1-6
Feb 17
Ch 8
Observations of Stars
Feb 24
Ch 9
The Formation and Structure of Stars
Mar 3
Ch 10
The Lives and Deaths of Stars
Mar 17
Ch 11
Neutron Stars and Black Holes
Mar 24
Ch 12
The Milky Way Galaxy
Exam #2, ch 7-11
Mar 31
Ch 13+14
Galaxies Normal + Active
Apr 7
Ch 15
Cosmology and the Big Bang
Apr 14
Ch 16
The Origin of the Solar System
Apr 21
Ch 17
The Earthlike Planets
Apr 28
Ch 18+19
The Outer Solar System

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14 January 2003
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