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Astronomy 301 - Spring 2003
Introduction to Astronomy
Unique No. 45905 · TTH 12:30 - 2:00 · WEL 3.502
Unique No. 45915 · TTH 2:00 - 3:30 · WEL 3.502


John Kormendy
Office: RLM 15.324
Phone: (512) 471-8191

TA [section 45905]

Elizabeth Leass
Office: RLM 16.212
Phone: (512) 471-8443

TA [section 45915]

Kyungjin Ahn
Office: RLM 16.208
Phone: (512) 471-2785

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Horizons: Exploring the Universe by Michael A. Seeds, published by Brooks/Cole and available at the Co-Op. I will use the 7th Edition. Older editions cover the material entirely well enough. I would never discourage you from saving money by buying the 6th Edition. If you do so, you will have to be a bit careful: the pages and section numbers mentioned in reading assignments (which will be correct for the 7th Edition) may not correspond to those in the 6th Edition.

Class Attendance

I strongly recommend that you attend classes. Astronomy is not intrinsically difficult, but it is probably unfamiliar to you, and it is much harder to understand the material if you only read about it. Also, I will omit some subjects that are in the book, and I will lecture on other subjects that are not in the book. You will be responsible for the content of the lectures. I will distribute handouts on the most important things that are not in the book. Don't let the convenience of handouts fool you into thinking that you won't miss much by skipping class. Reading the handouts is supposed to help you to remember what I said, not to substitute for coming to class. If you skip classes and study only from the handouts, chances are that you will pass the course but that your grade will be substantially lower than it could have been (e. g., C or even D instead of B). This is not because I'm nasty to people who skip classes (I'm not) but because you won't know the material very well.

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14 January 2003
Astronomy Program · The University of Texas at Austin · Austin, Texas 78712
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