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Astronomy 101L - Spring 2003
Discovery Lab in Astronomy
Unique No. 45925 · M 9:00-10:00 · RLM 13.132
Unique No. 45930 · W 11:00-12:00 · RLM 13.132
Unique No. 45935 · Tu 12:30-2:00 · RLM 13.132


Daniel Jaffe
Office: RLM 17.218
Phone: (512) 471-3425


Shyam Kumar
Office: RLM 15.308


Andrea Urban
Office: RLM 16.304B
Phone: (512) 232-5641

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Course Description

AST 101L is a laboratory course meant for non-science majors who either are taking or have taken AST 301. In it you will work in groups to learn more about some of the experimental and observational topics you have heard and read about in AST 301.

The class will be divided into groups of 4-5 students. Each group will work together to carry out three 3-week projects.


There is one scheduled class hour each week of the semester. In addition, the groups will also have to meet at other times to work on the projects. In some cases, you will need to gain access to restricted equipment; the TA will be available during certain periods to allow this. At the end of each three week period, your group will meet with the TA and/or the Prof. to discuss and evaluate the completed project.

The observational projects will work a bit differently than the others. For one thing, you will be expected to devote some evening hours to the projects. In addition, it has often turned out in the past that three week stretches have gone by without a single clear night! This semester, we are going to do things a bit differently. If the weather gets good, there will be an email sent around. Groups who are signed up for the unaided eye or telescope topics will need to drop what they are doing and switch to working on those topics. We will then have to rearrange the schedule accordingly.

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28 January 2003
Astronomy Program · The University of Texas at Austin · Austin, Texas 78712
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