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AST 376 · Cosmology    1   2  

  • The course grade will be evaluated on the basis of:
    75% homework (5 homework assignments)
    25% class attendance
  • The lowest homework score will be dropped (so you can miss one homework).
  • The following grading scale will be used: 80+=A; 70-79=B; 60-69=C; 50-59=D. Any average below 50 is failing.

Class Attendance and Basic Manner

  • I will check your attendance by asking you to sign the class-attendance sheet at every class. The class attendance will be counted toward the final grade.
  • I strongly recommend that you attend classes. The lecture notes cover the materials only briefly and are probably difficult for you to understand if you only read them and do not attend classes. Although I will basically follow the contents of the lecture notes, many that are not in the notes will be lectured in class.
  • Please sit on the front seats - do not sit in the back! I will mainly use chalkboard, and the lecture room is too large for you to read what I write on the chalkboard if you sit far in the back. Also, please let me know if you cannot read things on the chalkboard.
  • Feel free to ask any questions during or after lecture. Asking questions is the best way to learn!
  • Do not leave the lecture room until lecture ends.
  • Don't use laptops, except for taking notes - it is quite obvious when you use your laptop for other purposes (surfing web, chatting, emailing, etc), and your grade will be penalized if you do those things.
  • And obviously don't read books, newspapers, magazines, or anything unrelated to the lecture.

Course Schedule

Printable Course Schedule (pdf)

(HS=Help Sessions; HW=Homework; OH=Office Hours)

Aug 28-Sep 18
Physics of an Expanding Universe
(3.5 weeks)
In-class homework study session on Sep 9 (T)
OH on Sep 3 (W), Sep 12 (F), Sep 17 (W), Sep 22 (M)
HS on Sep 15 (M)
HW#1 due Sep 16 (T)

Sep 23-Oct 16
The Cosmic Microwave Background
(4 weeks)
In-class homework study sessions on Sep 25 (Th), Oct 2 (Th), Oct 9 (Th)
OH on Oct 3 (F), Oct 6 (M)
HS on Oct 13 (M)
HW#2 due Oct 14 (T)

Oct 21,23
The Origin of Light Elements
(1 week)
Oct 28,30
Dark Matter and Dark Energy
(1 week)
OH on Oct 20 (M), Oct 22 (W), Oct 27 (M), Oct 29 (W)
HS on Nov 3 (M)
HW#3 due Nov 4 (T)

Nov 4-Nov 13
Evolution of Cosmological Fluctuations
(2 weeks)
OH on Nov 5 (W), Nov 10 (M), Nov 12 (W)
HS on Nov 17 (M)
HW#4 due Nov 18 (T)

Nov 18-25
Formation of Large-scale Structure
(1.5 weeks)
OH on Nov 19 (W), Nov 24 (M)
Nov 27
(Thanksgiving Holiday)

Dec 2, 4
Cosmic Inflation
(1 week)
HS on Dec 1 (M) & Dec 3 (W)
HW#5 due Dec 4 (Th)

*Help sessions (HS) will be held in RLM 15.216A (Edmonds Lounge) from 5:30-6:30pm (as specified above).

*Office hours (OH) are from 5:30-6:30pm on the dates given above. Office: RLM 16.210

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28 August 2008
Astronomy Program · The University of Texas at Austin · Austin, Texas 78712
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