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The University encourages use of email as a primary form of communication for university business. Among other things, they have made it easy for a student to send email simultaneously to everyone registered in the class. I want to make it clear that I do not approve of your use of this group email function, unless I have specifically approved a particular message. (This is my way of fighting spam and other unwanted email.) I will gladly answer questions, set up appointments, etc., if you email me directly; the same goes for the Teaching Assistant. But I do not want to see emails being sent to the whole class discussing homework answers, conducting opinion surveys for an unrelated class, or looking for someone to sublet an apartment to (all of which happened in my classes last year!).

Scholastic Integrity (and Lack of):
It's never fun to bring up this topic, but I have been told that it should be part of any UT course syllabus. I will not tolerate scholastic dishonesty in Ast 352K. This can encompass copying or plagiarism on homework or other work, collusion (working together on an assignment for which it was forbidden), bringing unauthorized materials into exams (e.g. crib sheets), etc. Personally, I find the University's new Honor Code to be rather vague (did you even know that there is one?), but you will find more useful and detailed information at the website of the Dean of Students: and

Be warned: I have had cases of scholastic dishonesty in my classes, and I have responded with appropriate academic penalties, including filing a case with the Dean of Students Office.

Students With Disabilities:
Upon request, the University of Texas at Austin provides appropriate academic adjustments for qualified students with disabilities. Contact the Office of the Dean of Students for information on how to register for a qualified disability (note: you can have a temporary disability, as well as a permanent one). Their phone number is 471-6259, or see the following website for further contact information: (I will make such accommodations for an officially approved and registered disability, but not for undocumented claims.)

Policies on Lateness and Absences:
Homework is expected to be turned in at the announced time, generally before the start of class on a Tuesday or Thursday. It is inconvenient for us to grade a homework paper that is not turned in with the rest, and hearing another lecture may give a student an unfair advantage over everyone else. In order to have a chance at full credit on a homework, it must be turned in on time. If you turn in a homework late, but within 24 hours of the deadline (11:00 AM the next day), we will take off 25% of the total points; no homework will be accepted for credit after 24 hours. You are also expected to attend class regularly. The penalty for excessive absences is the loss of participation credit.

Observance of Religious Holidays:
The University respects the fact that students may wish to observe religious holidays that occur on a class day. If such a conflict arises, the student is responsible for notifying the professor at least 14 days in advance; if the holiday occurs during the first two weeks of the semester, notification is due on the first class day. Because of my flexible policies regarding exams and homeworks (a make-up exam is automatically available in the form of the final exam; and the lowest homework score is dropped), I will not assign make-ups for the missed work. However, I will endeavor to avoid scheduling exams or due dates for significant assignments on known religious holidays, to the best of my ability. Please let me know as soon as possible if you have concerns about particular dates.

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5 September 2006
Astronomy Program · The University of Texas at Austin · Austin, Texas 78712
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