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University Course Schedule
Astronomy 301 - Fall 2003
Unique No. 46505 · TTh 11:00 - 12:30 · WEL 3.502
Unique No. 46520 · TTh 2:00 - 3:30 · WEL 3.502


Prof. Paul Shapiro
Office: RLM 16.204
Hours: Immed. following
class (WEL 3.502)
or by appointment
Phone: (512) 471-9422
or leave word at 471-3000


Review Sessions &
Individual Help

Mr. Kyungjin Ahn
Office: RLM 16.208
Hours: M 2-3,
Th 4:30-5:30
Phone: (512) 471-2785
or leave word at 471-3000

Homework Grading

[Section 46505 ONLY]
Mr. Thomas Jefferys
Office: RLM 16.306
Hours: M,W 3-4
Phone: 471-1459 (o),
476-1375 (h)

[Section 46520 ONLY]
Mr. Linpeng Cheng
Office: RLM 15.202A
Hours: TBA
Phone: (512) 471-8316


(Required) Bennett, J., Donahue, M., Schneider, N., Voit, M. The Cosmic Perspective (2004 Edition), (Addison-Wesley) ISBN: 0-8053-8738-2.


There will be four exams during the semester and no final exam. Tentative Exam Dates: Sept. 25, Oct. 21, Nov. 13, Dec. 4. The exams will be objective multiple choice.


There will be required reading assignments. Problems will be assigned regularly and must be handed in. They should be handed in at the beginning of class on the due date. Since solutions will be posted at the end of class on the due date, no late homework can be accepted.


The course grade will be based on the average of the scores on the four exams and the graded homework sets. All of the homework grades averaged together will be equal in weight to one of the exams. We will drop your lowest two homework grades before we take the final average homework grade. We will drop your lowest exam score (but not your average homework grade) before computing your final course grade.

Help Sessions

Section 46505 [TTh 11:00-12:30]

M 6-7 PM, PHR 2.110
W 6-7 PM, PHR 2.110

Section 46520 [TTh 2:00-3:30]

M 7-8 PM, PHR 2.110
W 7-8 PM, PHR 2.110


15 September 2003
Astronomy Program · The University of Texas at Austin · Austin, Texas 78712
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