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Sagittarius A* (NASA/ESA/JPL)


John Lacy

RLM 15.310C · TBA · (512) 471-1469 · email

Courses - Fall '10  |  Course Website

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Grades: Grades will be based on homework (20% of the grade), the weekly quizzes (10%), in-class assignments (10%), the four exams (30%), and the final (30%). Your lowest quiz and homework scores (one of each) will be dropped. Your lowest exam score will be dropped, or if you want to keep all four exams, you may skip the final and your exam average will replace the final.

Collaboration: You are encouraged to study and work on homework assignments with other students, and you are encouraged to get help from the TA, but you must write out your own answers and make the assigned observations yourself. If you copy another homework or let someone copy yours, both of you will receive zero credit. In-class assignments will be done in groups, and all group members will receive the same grade (if the assignment is graded).


Week of:




Aug 25

Ch 1

Our Place in the Universe


Aug 30

Ch 2

Motions in the sky


Sep 8

Ch 3

History of Astronomy


Sep 13

Ch 4

Laws of Motion

Fri, Sep 17

Sep 20

Ch 5

Light and Matter


Sep 27

Ch 7&8

Solar System & Formation


Oct 4

Ch 10



Oct 11

Ch 11

Outer solar system

Fri, Oct 15

Oct 18

Ch 13

Other planetary systems


Oct 25

Ch 14.2&15

Properties of stars


Nov 1

Ch 17

Lives of stars


Nov 8

Ch 18

Deaths of stars

Fri, Nov 12

Nov 15

Ch 20

Galaxies and the Universe


Nov 22

Ch 22



Nov 29

Ch 23

Big Bang

Fri, Dec 3

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