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Helix Nebula (NASA/JPL-Caltech)


Harriet Dinerstein

RLM 16.324 · TBA · (512) 471-3449 · email

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Scholastic Integrity/Academic Dishonesty: The University of Texas at Austin's honor code is summarized at More details are given at; see the links to "The Standard of Academic Integrity" and "Academic Dishonesty." The College of Natural Sciences takes these rules seriously. We will not tolerate copying or cheating on exams, homework, or other class work. If we find duplicated work or other evidence of cheating, neither student involved will receive credit. We may also impose more severe academic penalties, depending on the circumstances, not excluding an F for the course, or a report of academic dishonesty to the Dean of Students.

GETTING HELP: The Instructor and T.A. will hold office hours each week. Please try to make use of these designated times, if at all possible, since both of us have other responsibilities and will not necessarily be available at other times. However, if you cannot attend the announced office hours, please contact us to set up an alternate appointment time. Also, the T.A. will hold help sessions before each homework is due and before each exam. You can also send questions by email, but please check the class website first, to see whether the answer is already posted there.

STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: Upon request, the University of Texas at Austin provides appropriate academic adjustments for qualified students with disabilities. Contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 471-6259, or (TTY) 471-4641, or via email to or see

SPECIAL EVENTS: The Astronomy Department offers evening Star Parties on campus on most Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays; details will be announced and posted at You will be allowed to earn up to two participation credits by attending star parties (one credit per event). In order to earn credit, however, you must get a signed slip from the person in charge of the star party. Warning to the naïve: Star parties are held only when the weather permits. They are cancelled when it's too cloudy to see anything, so don't assume that you can wait until the end of the semester. If it's cloudy then, you will be out of luck!

There may be one or more public talks relevant to Ast 307 during this semester, which you may attend for participation credit. When such opportunities arise, they will be announced in class and through the course website. In order to earn participation credit for attending a public talk, you will need to submit a brief write-up summarizing in your own words what you heard and learned, ideally relating it to material learned in Ast 307. The write-up must be submitted to the instructor as hard copy (not emailed).

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