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Radio Quasar 3C215 (NRAO/AUI)

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Milos Milosavljevic

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You are encouraged to discuss and work on the homework assignments in groups, but you must write the final answers on your own. Essays containing identical or nearly identical text fragments will be returned ungraded, and may be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students for adjudication.

Friends and apartment mates taking Astronomy 309R together should be especially careful to write the homework individually. Please never, ever copy-and-paste anyone else's writing into your assignment, because would be a violation of the University's policy. If your classmate asks you to email him or her your homework assignment essay, please ascertain that the classmate will not copy your writing, because if he or she does, credit cannot be assigned to either person; the situation resulting could be an instance of plagiarism and could lead to an administrative nightmare.

Calculation of the grade


Maximum Score

4 best-scoring out of 5 exams
(missed exams count as 0 score)

4 x 20 = 80

6 homework assignments 12 points each

6 x 12 = 72



Score Range













Since many concepts covered in the course are not covered in the textbook, please do attend the lecture. WEL 3.502 has noisy doors and thus please do arrive on time and do not leave the lecture room until lecture ends, to avoid distracting other students.

Please sit in the front rows - do not sit in the rear of the room! Also, please do let me know if you cannot read the information on the blackboard or on the projector display.

You are strongly encouraged to raise your hand to ask questions during lecture. If I do not notice that you have raised your hand, please call my name, and ask your question.

Please do not read newspapers, magazines or books that are unrelated to the course. You may use your laptops to take notes, but do not use the laptop for chat, computer games, etc., during lecture, since this is highly distracting to anyone sitting next to you or behind you. For the same reasons, please do not converse during lecture.

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