galaxy evolution: emerging insights and future challenges
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Info for Speakers

Talk Length

Invited talks consist of a 20 minutes oral presentation, plus about 10 minutes for discussion and questions. The discussions sessions are a key part of the meeting and we strongly urge speakers and session chairs to reserve ~10 minutes time for discussions.

AV Info for Speakers

Speakers may bring their own laptops for their talks. If you plan to use your own laptop, please make sure you have any adapters you need. We will be using VGA connectors, so make sure you have the proper adapter to connect your machine to that type of cable. We will also have some spare adapters, but we have a limited supply. Also, please make sure you have your laptop power supply on hand for your talk.

We also suggest having a back-up of your talk on a USB stick that we can load on to one of our machines as a fall-back in the event of a problem with your laptop.

Anyone who wishes to use UT Astronomy laptops for their presentation is welcome to do so. Here are the basic specs for those machines:
  • MacBook Air - OS 10.5.5, Keynote v. 4 and Office 2004 and 2008
  • Dell Latitude - Windows XP, Office 2007
We will also have a USB remote clicker (with built-in red laser pointer) on hand as well as a green laser pointer.

Speakers can contact Lara Eakins if they have any further questions on the a/v equipment.

14 October 2008