The First Stars and Galaxies: Challenges for the Next Decade

Mar 8-11, 2010
Austin, TX

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Daniel Whalen

The First Stars and Galaxies: Challenges for the Next Decade

March 8-11, 2010
Austin, Texas


At the AT&T Conference Center, Austin, Texas
Hosted by the UT Austin Department of Astronomy and the Texas Cosmology Center
Sponsored by TACC, IPMU, and the CCS Division at LANL

Conference Organizers:

Volker Bromm (TCC/UT Austin), Naoki Yoshida (IPMU/U Tokyo), Daniel Whalen (Carnegie Mellon University)

Scientific Organizing Committee Local Organizing Committee

  • Timothy Beers (MSU)
  • Benedetta Ciardi (MPA)
  • Richard Ellis (CalTech)
  • Andrea Ferrara (Pisa)
  • Alexander Heger (U Minn)
  • Lars Hernquist (Harvard/CfA)
  • Ralf Klessen (ITA/Heidelberg)
  • Avi Loeb (Harvard/CfA)
  • John Mather (NASA/GSFC)
  • Chris McKee (Berkeley)
  • Milos Milosavljevic (UT Austin)
  • Ken'ichi Nomoto (IPMU/U Tokyo)
  • Michael Norman (UCSD)
  • Martin Rees (Cambridge)
  • Raffaella Schneider (Arcetri)
  • Massimo Stiavelli (STSci)
  • Masayuki Umemura (U Tsukuba)
  • Rogier Windhorst (ASU)

  • Volker Bromm (UT Austin)
  • Naoki Yoshida (IPMU)
  • Daniel Whalen (LANL)
  • Debbie Winegarten (UT Austin)
  • Monica Kidd (UT Austin)
  • Jacob Hummel (UT Austin)
  • Myoungwon Jeon (UT Austin)
  • Andreas Pawlik (UT Austin)
  • Chalence Safranek-Shrader (UT Austin)
  • Athena Stacy (UT Austin)

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) and a new generation of other ground-based instruments will soon glimpse the first primitive galaxies in the universe, yielding unprecedented insights into the masses the first stars, the luminosities and spectra of protogalaxies, and the chemical evolution of the early IGM. In the past few years numerical simulations of the formation of the first stars and galaxies have made significant strides, but considerable work remains to be done to put estimates of the primordial IMF and the morphology, brightness, and colors of primeval galaxies on firmer footing. The aim of The First Stars and Galaxies: Challenges in the Next Decade is to congregate leading experts on JWST and ALMA with theorists in early structure formation to forge simulation roadmaps for the next several years.

Topics Reviewed:

  • The primordial IMF
  • Observational signatures of the first supernovae
  • Low metallicity star formation and the Pop III/II transition
  • Nucleosynthetic imprint of the first SNe on very low metallicity stars
  • Protogalaxy models and observations
  • Early black holes and the SMBH assembly process