Lec 1: Extraterrestrial Life [pdf]

Lec 2: Cosmic Evolution [pdf]

Lec 3: Cosmic Evolution, Part II [pdf]

Lec 4: Origin and Detection and Planets [pdf]

Lec 5: Nature and Origin of Planetary Systems [pdf]

Lec 6: Habitable Planets: Part 1 [pdf]

Lec 7: Habitable Planets: Part 2 [pdf]

Lec 8: Life [pdf]

Lec 9: Origin of Life: Part 1 [pdf]

Lec 10: The Transition to Life [pdf]

Lec 11: Alternative Ideas for the Origin of Life [pdf]

Lec 12: Life in the Inner Solar System [pdf]

Lec 13: Life in the Outer Solar System [pdf]

Lec 14: Biological Evolution [pdf]

Lec 15: The Origin of Intelligence [pdf]

Lec 16: Cultural Evolution [pdf]

Lec 17: Cultural Evolution, II [pdf]

Lec 18: Average Lifetime of Technological Civilization [pdf]

Lec 19: Future of Life in the Solar System [pdf]

Lec 20: Evaluating Your Drake Equation [pdf]

Lec 21: Communication [pdf]

Lec 22: Communication, 2 [pdf]

Lec 23: Contact [pdf]

Lec 24: Travel [pdf]

Lec 25: Have We Been Visited? [pdf]

27 April 2016
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