Post Migration Information Documentation

This document is to help guide you to resources you may need after your email is migrated from Astro to the University's Exchange email system, Office 365. After your initial move, you may find things are not where you would expect them or unable to locate some older emails. This is expected in some cases and we will work with you to resolve those issues. After the migration, your original email data is still in place on Astro and can be accessed by our staff if necessary to locate missing or misplaced information (e.g., messages with large attachments may not have been successfully migrated, but can be retrieved from your mail folders on Astro by the IT staff). We are also retaining a complete backup of the state of your email prior to the migration.

Help for Office 365 can be found at the Link: Office365.

Help for web mail can be found at the Link: Outlook Web App (OWA).

If your preferred email client does not support Microsoft Exchange, you can configure it to use the POP or IMAP protocols. However, some features, such as calendaring, will not be available. Information for configuring other clients is at the link: Pop/Imap client.

Setting up a calendar is beyond the scope of the email migration team. However, you may submit a request to and someone from CNS-IT will help you get calendars setup for you and your group. For additional information on calendars please see the pages at the Links: Calendar 1 and Calendar 2.

Additionally, you can request help from CNS-IT from the Link: CNS Help Desk. If this is an emergency and you need immediate assistance you can call (512)232-1077 and speak to a helpdesk service representative.

Please take advantage of these resources and remember we are here to help!