Observer Information


Research Facilities

Telescope and instrumentation specifications and documentation.

McDonald Observatory ~ West Texas

--Access limited to guest observers and UT Astronomy personnel.

Information regarding the West Texas operations of McDonald Observatory.


Available Mt. Locke Filters.

Computing Services

Documentation from Computing Services.


Policy regarding use of observatory facilities.


Observing Schedules

Monthly schedules for all McDonald Telescopes.



Proposal due dates, forms, policy, and advice.


Optical and UV Spectrophotometric Standard Stars

Provided by ESO. Includes coordinates, finding charts, and spectra.

Clear Sky Clock

McDonald Observatory Clear Sky Clock.

Astronomical Calendar

Astronomical Calendar computed for altitude 2081.0 m, from year 2000 to current plus, from Observing Support.


MUC Reports

McDonald Users' Committee reports (access restricted to McDonald Observatory and Astronomy Departemnt personnel).

The McDonald Users' Committee meets at least quarterly to discuss issues of importance to observers at McDonald Observatory, and to recommend solutions to problems.


Requesting Services at McDonald Observatory

To request services at McDonald in advance of an observing run, please use one of the forms below.

All UT Astronomy/McDonald Observatory personnel:

Request for Travel Authorization


All other UT personnel and non fee-based visitors who have completed an RTA (VE5), fee-based visitors (APS), and non UT funded visitors (cash, check or credit card):

Request for Services at McDonald

(RFS only)

The form(s) should be submitted at least three weeks before you are scheduled to arrive at Mt. Locke.

Travel to McDonald Observatory

Directions, maps, links to local resources, and weather.

Astronomer's Lodge

Information regarding accommodations at the Astronomer's Lodge.