Hanshin Lee

Research Associate
McDonald Observatory ,
University of Texas at Austin
1 University Station C1402, Austin, TX 78712
phone: 512 471 1499
email: lee@astro.as.utexas.edu
web: http://www.as.utexas.edu/~lee

D.Phil. in Astrophysics, St. Cross College , University of Oxford , UK, 2008.
M.Sc. in Astronomy, Yonsei University , Rep. of Korea , 2005.
B.Sc. in Astronomy, Yonsei University , Rep. of Korea , 2003.

Research interest

- Optical systems design and modeling
- Image analysis and aberration theory
- Wavefront sensing and phase retrieval
- Diagnosis and control of optical system alignment
- Adaptive/active optical systems
- Femto-second laser written integral field waveguide module for compact ultra-spectral imaging systems
- High precision calibration line spectrum generation via fiber bragg gratings and LEDs
- Astronomical spectrographs

Current projects

- Optical design of wave-guide integral field module for ultra-spectral imaging
- Moment-based modal wavefront sensing
- Focal plane full-field wavefront characterization via simple image moment measurements
- Deterministic in-situ alignment compensation/diagnosis of complex optical systems
- Application of integral imaging for simultaneous determination of focus-diverse image
- Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy eXperiment (HETDEX)
- Visible Integral-field Replicable Unit Spectrograph (VIRUS)
- Immersion GRating INfra-red Spectrograph (IGRINS)
- Optical Programming Library (OPL) 2012 in Python and C

Past projects

- Wide-Field Multi-Object Spectrograph (WFMOS)
- Fiber Multi-Object Spectrograph (FMOS)
- Differential Wavefront Sampling for E-ELT
- Analytic descriptions of inter-element alignment aberrations
- Computer-guided alignment
- Space-Ashen-Light EXplorer (SALEX)
- EARTHSHINE space mission
- RALCam I, II space remote-sensing camera
- Numerical simulations of computer-controlled optical surface polishing and grinding