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Austin is served by Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA). Ground transportation options from ABIA to downtown lodging near campus include metro bus, shuttle, rental car, and taxi. The easiest way to travel is by taxi, which typically costs ~$25 to $30.

capital metro


City Bus / University Shuttle

The AT&T Conference Center, on the southern edge of campus, and Extended Stay America, approximately 10 blocks south, are on main arteries of both Capital Metro and University Shuttles. Schedules can be found at the Capital Metro website. Fares, approximately $1 per trip, are listed here.

Lavaca St., one block east of the hotel, is the one-way artery north. Guadalupe St., one block west of Lavaca, is the southbound artery. 1L/1M is the most frequent route serving these arteries. Pick up the 1L/1M 4 blocks east of the hotel on Congress Ave., in the heart of downtown. Northbound, disembark at 17th St. on Lavaca. Southbound, pick up the 1L/1M on Guadalupe, and return to downtown at Congress and 6th.




The AT&T Conference Center is a 20-25 minute walk from Extended Stay America. Lavaca St. offers the most natural access to the AT&T Center on foot.


See the Directions page for more maps.

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