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The Third Cosmological Radiative Transfer Comparison Project Workshop

The Cosmological Radiative Transfer Comparison Project was organized a few years ago to guide and promote progress on the new frontier in computational cosmology, incorporating radiation tranport algorithms in the simulation of cosmic structure formation and evolution. We focused first on the transfer of ionizing radiation, to account for the radiative feedback associated with galaxy and star formation, including that responsible for cosmic reionization. Toward this end, we gathered representatives of the various groups and individuals who were developing different algorithms and codes, to test and compare their different approaches by applying them to solve a common set of problems. Two previous workshops were organized, resulting in the first CRTCP journal article and a website for archiving initial conditions and results, to make it possible to test future codes against the same problems.

The idea is to discuss current results of the Comparison Project and its future directions. The workshop will also be an occasion for everybody to present his/her current research related to radiative transfer in cosmology, with a focus on the numerical methodology used. As a particular goal, we would like to set up and run test(s) related to the large-scale reionization simulations which many of us are currently doing. All suggestions of appropriate problems will be appreciated. If any results from these tests are available at the time of the meeting, we will discuss them there. We will also accept any proposals you might have for the future directions of the Comparison Project and for the next problems we should aim to do.

As usual, everyone is welcome to attend, but at this point we ask you to CONFIRM your attendance by registering below, since we need an accurate count to plan things accordingly.


Dr. Paul Shapiro
Dr. Ilian Iliev
Dr. Garrelt Mellema


Dr. Paul Shapiro
Monica Kidd, Admin. Assoc.

PARTICIPANT LIST: As of 12/02/08

Chizuru Akizuki - University of Tsukuba Japan
Gabriel Altay - Carnegie Mellon University
Marcelo Alvarez - Stanford University - SLAC
Dominique Aubert - Observatoire Astronomique Strasbourg France
Sunghye Baek - Observatoire de Paris
Kristian Finlator- University of Arizona
Luca Graziani -Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik Garching
Kenji Hasegawa - University of Tsukuba Japan
Ilian Iliev - Institut fuer Theoretische Physik Zurich
Donghui Jeong - University of Texas at Austin
Jun Koda - University of Texas at Austin
Yi Mao - University of Texas at Austin
Garrelt Mellema - Institutionen för Astronomi Stockholm
Jan-Pieter Paardekooper - Leiden Observatory Netherlands
Pascal Paschos - University of California at San Diego
Andreas Pawlik - Leiden Observatory Netherlands
Milan Raicevic - Durham University United Kingdom
Daisuke Sato - University of Tsukuba Japan
Benoit Semelin - Observatoire de Paris
Paul Shapiro - University of Texas at Austin
Hajime Susa - Konan University Japan
Hy Trac - Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Masayuki Umemura - University of Tsukuba Japan
Daniel J. Whalen - Los Alamos National Laboratory
Hidenobu Yajima - University of Tsukuba Japan