Instrumentation & Device Development

EXES: mid-IR spectrograph


HETDEX: Dark Energy Experiment


Micromachined Silicon Diffractive Optics

GMTNIRS: The Giant Magellan Telescope Near Infrared Spectrograph

GMTNIRS is high resolution near infrared spectrograph selected as a first generation instrument for the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT). The conceptual design study for the instrument was completed in Fall 2011. In a single exposure, GMTNIRS will achieve spectra with R = 50,000 in J (longward of 1.15 micron), H, and K, and with R = 100,000 in the L and M bands (to 5 micron). The instrument will exploit the adaptive optics (AO) capabilities of the GMT. GMTNIRS is a collaboration between the University of Texas at Austin, The Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, and Kyung Hee University. The initial phases of the preliminary design study and the production of the five Si immersion gratings that are the heart of the instrument began in Fall 2013. Please read more about the instrument concept in our papers below.

Figure 1: Cutaway of the GMTNIRS cryostat. The J,H, and K spectrographs sit above the optical bench. The L band spectrograph is on the top of the bench and the M band on the underside.

Figure 2: GMTNIRS on the GMT instrument rotator platform.

Figure 3: Detail of the optical layout for the J,H, and K modules of GMTNIRS.