Instrumentation & Device Development : Micromachined Silicon Diffractive Optics

Micromachined Silicon Diffractive Optics

Cynthia Brooks, Daniel Jaffe

Daniel Jaffe

Vice President for Research

Research Interests

Infrared spectroscopy of young stars, protostars, young planetary systems, and star forming clouds; physics of the dense interstellar medium; observations of young brown dwarfs. Instrumentation for infrared spectroscopy. Fabrication of diffractive devices for ground and space based spectroscopy of astronomical objects and greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere.


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Group Areas

Interstellar, HII Regions & Planetary Nebulae, Star Formation & Protoplanetary Disks, Spitzer Legacy Project: c2d, Instrumentation & Device Development, EXES: mid-IR spectrograph, GMTNIRS, IGRINS, Micromachined Silicon Diffractive Optics

14 January 2011
Astronomy Program · The University of Texas at Austin
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