Instrumentation & Device Development : Micromachined Silicon Diffractive Optics

Micromachined Silicon Diffractive Optics

Cynthia Brooks, Daniel Jaffe

Daniel Jaffe


Research Interests

Infrared spectroscopy of young stars, protostars, young planetary systems, and star forming clouds; physics of the dense interstellar medium; observations of young brown dwarfs. Instrumentation for infrared spectroscopy. Fabrication of diffractive devices for ground and space based spectroscopy of astronomical objects and greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere.


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Group Areas

Interstellar, HII Regions & Planetary Nebulae, Star Formation & Protoplanetary Disks, Spitzer Legacy Project: c2d, Instrumentation & Device Development, EXES: mid-IR spectrograph, GMTNIRS, IGRINS, Micromachined Silicon Diffractive Optics

14 January 2011
Astronomy Program · The University of Texas at Austin
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