looking through abell 68

Looking Through Abell 68 [NASA/ESA]

Astronomy 381S - Spring 2014

Seminar in Theoretical Astrophysics

M 3:30 · RLM 15.216B · Not for credit Spring 2014


Milos Milosavljevic

RLM 17.220 · (512) 471-3397 · email






Jan 13

Milos Milosavljevic

University of Texas at Austin

Organizational meeting.


Jan 20

Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday: University closed. No talks scheduled.


Jan 27

An Astronomy Faculty Meeting is being held at this time. Scheduled Astro Theory talks are being postponed until next week.


Feb 3

Chalence Safranek-Shrader

University of Texas at Austin

"Formation of the First Low-Mass Stars from Cosmological Initial Conditions"


Feb 3

Milos Milosavljevic

University of Texas at Austin

Journal Club: "Primordial Supermassive Stars and Convection in RGB and AGB Atmospheres"


Feb 10

No talk scheduled.


Feb 17

Alan Sluder

University of Texas at Austin

"The Role of Population III Supernovae in Galactic Chemical Evolution"


Feb 24

Wenbin Lu

University of Texas at Austin

"Are There Very Massive (Maybe Pop-III) Stars Around a GRB Progenitor?"



Mar 3

Chiara Ceccobello

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

(host: Pawan Kumar) "Inverse-Compton drag of a Highly Magnetized GRB jet in Stellar Envelope"



Mar 10

Spring Break: March 10-14. No talk scheduled.


Mar 17

No talk scheduled.


Mar 24

Thomas B. McCord

Bear Fight Institute (BFI)

Special Planets/Life/ISM Seminar: (host: Bill Cochran) "The Composition of Vesta and Ceres from the Dawn Mission"


Mar 31

Christa Gall

Dark Center, Copenhagen

(host: Volker Bromm) "Dust in the Early Universe: Overview"


Apr 7

No talk scheduled.


Apr 14

Krista Soderlund

UT Institute of Geophysics

(Joint Seminar in Theory/ISM/Planets) "Convective Dynamics in the Interiors of Ice Giants and Icy Satellites"


Apr 21

No talk scheduled.


Apr 28

No talk scheduled.