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Extragalactic Astronomy

I work on a couple of galaxies, as a hobby. Both are barred spirals. One has suffered a significant encounter in the past. The other lives in splendid isolation.

NGC 4314
NGC 4314
A quick tour.

NGC 7479
NGC 7479

My Partners in Extragalactic Crime
Debbie Cornell - Astronomy, UT Austin
Jim Higdon - NRAO, Socorro, NM
Beverly Smith - IPAC, CalTech, Pasadena, CA
Anil Dosaj - SDSU, SanDiego, CA
Jeff Achterman - EINET, Austin TX
Jeff Kenney - Yale University, New Haven, CT
Joe Hahn - Notre Dame, IN
Paul Harvey - UT Astronomy, Austin TX
Andy Howell - UT Astronomy, Austin TX
Kemton Cline - UT Astronomy, Austin TX


3 October 2005
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