Research Group


Yifan Zhou
McDonald Postdoctoral Fellow
Yifan's research focuses on the atmospheric characterization of brown dwarfs and exoplanets. He is a frequent user of the Hubble Space Telescope and conducts time-series observations to study condensate clouds in ultra-cool substellar atmospheres.

Graduate Students

Quang Tran
Graduate Student
Quang is working to understand the evolution and migration pathways of hot Jupiters. He is leading a precision radial velocity survey of hot and warm Jupiters around young stars using the Habitable Zone Planet Finder, a newly commissioned near-infrared spectrograph at the Hobby-Eberly Telescope. This survey's ultimate goal is to compare this young population of planets with the old field population to constrain when and how giant planets migrate.

Kyle Franson
Graduate Student
Kyle is broadly working on using long time baseline astrometric acceleration data to study wide orbiting companions. His current project involves using this acceleration data to measure the dynamical mass of a brown dwarf/substellar companion and comparing this and other measured dynamical masses to predicted masses from cooling models.

Summer 2020 ``socially distanced'' group photo

Undergraduate Students

Katelyn Ashok
Sarah Howes
Christina Negrete-Montero
Itzel Montero
Aniket Sanghi

Former Group Members

Ya-Lin Wu (51 Peg b Fellow -> Faculty at National Taiwan Normal University)
Pranav Premnath (UT Austin)
Aldo Sepulveda (UT San Antonio -> GS at UH/IfA)
Justin Yudichak (2018-2019; UT -> UT Applied Research Laboratories)
Viyang Shah (2017-2019)
Caprice Phillips (2017-2019; UT -> GS at OSU)
Analis Lawrence (2018 TAURUS scholar; FIU -> GS at UF)
Isaiah Tristan (2016 TAURUS scholar; Rice U -> GS at CU)