mars covered glacial deposits middle latitudes


Laurence Trafton


McDonald Observatory

I received B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Astronomy from Caltech, minoring in Physics. I fulfilled an ROTC commitment in the Air Force at Kirtland AFB, NM, investigating, through space instrumentation, the potential hazard that solar flare radiation presented to man in space. I have been at UT since 1969. I was on the Instrument Development Team for the High Resolution Spectrograph on the Hubble Space Telescope. My primary interest is planetary atmospheres of the giant planets and outer solar system objects and my investigations mainly involve astronomical spectroscopy and modeling. I am also interested in how the vapor pressure of intimate ice mixtures on a planetary surface govern the atmospheric bulk and composition of Titan, Triton, and Pluto. I am also collaborating with Dr. Goldstein's group at CAR on modeling volcanic plumes on Io and Enceladus.