mars covered glacial deposits middle latitudes


Timothy Shin


Dept of Geological Sciences/Jackson School of Geosciences

Tim Shin is currently a junior geology undergraduate at the Jackson School of Geosciences who is planning to do research in (or strongly related) to the field of planetary geology for graduate studies. Tim has an extreme interest in planetary sciences and has had that interest for a long time. He has performed research in geomorphology, sediment transport, structural and metamorphic geology in both the field and in the laboratory. Current work includes: sedimentology of ripples in the laboratory and the field and structural and metamorphic geology of the Menderes Massif in Western Turkey.

Tim, along with a collective of other geology students, is currently planning the creation of a University of Texas planetary sciences society/organization to strengthen and unify the UT planetary sciences community. Tim and the rest of the planners of this planetary society hope to receive feedback and to reach a potentially substantial member population base (faculty, graduate, and undergraduate) at the symposium; the UT Planetary Science Symposium will be a great starting point for this undergraduate/graduate run organization.