mars covered glacial deposits middle latitudes


Jaime Barnes


Dept of Geological Sciences/Jackson School of Geosciences

I am a new assistant professor in the Department of Geological Sciences. I am a stable isotope geochemist. My primary research interests include fluid-rock interactions and metasomatism in the high-T environment, the relationship between metamorphic processes and deformation, and volatile cycling in subduction zones. I am currently renovating and building a stable isotope lab capable of analyzing H, C, N, O, S, and Cl in a wide range of materials, including silicates (terrestrial and extraterrestrial) by laser extraction. My planetary work has previously been limited to Cl isotope analysis of meteorites (Allende, Ivuna, Murchinson, Orgueil, Tagish Lake) in order to help constrain the Cl isotope composition of the bulk Earth and lunar glass and basalt to understand potential Cl isotope fractionation processes. I am open to new collaborations and welcome users to the stable isotope laboratory (expected date of completion = late Spring 2010).