mars covered glacial deposits middle latitudes


Sarah Arabi-Katbi


Department of Astronomy

I'm a sophomore astronomy major with a heavy interest in planetary science! Last semester, I was trying to contact various professors within the Jackson school to find out if I could do research with one of them, but I wasn't very successful. Maybe after this Symposium, more of these interdepartmental projects can happen! There's a lot of focus in the Astronomy department on galaxies, etc, but not that much on the planets and I was wondering where I could learn more about the planetary aspect, so I'm glad to see this happen! Even though I wont be able to attend this time, I'd like to remain informed and up to date with this and I hope this will become an annual event! Maybe double majoring in geology and astronomy will become more common or maybe some kind of program can be developed to combine or specialize within this field. I'm looking forward to it.