mars covered glacial deposits middle latitudes


Martin Jackson


Bureau of Economic Geology/Jackson School of Geosciences

Martin Jackson is a Senior Research Scientist at the Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences. A structural geologist, he received BSc and BSc Honors degrees in geology from the University of London, resulting in a thesis on lunar geology, which coincided with the Apollo 11 mission. After receiving a PhD on high-grade metamorphic rocks from the University of Cape Town, he joined the geology faculty at the University of Natal, South Africa. He joined the Bureau of Economic Geology in 1980, where his research focuses on the myriad forms of terrestrial salt tectonics through the Applied Geodynamics Laboratory, an industry-funded consortium he founded in 1988. On the side, he studied diapirism on Triton and is examining the structural effects on Mars of mobilized rock believed to contain ice and salts. This research focuses especially on the continental-scale megaslide of Thaumasia Plateau and the origin of Hebes Chasma and related features in the Valles Marineris by collapse.