mars covered glacial deposits middle latitudes


William Ambrose


Bureau of Economic Geology/Jackson School of Geosciences

William A. Ambrose is a geologist specializing in sedimentology and reservoir characterization. He received a Master of Arts degree in geological sciences in 1983 from the University of Texas at Austin. He has worked on a variety of projects at the Bureau of Economic Geology since 1987, including characterization of Frio fluvial and deltaic reservoirs in South Texas, co-production of gas and hot brine from Oligocene reservoirs in the Texas Gulf Coast, evaluation of coalbed methane reservoirs in Rocky Mountain basins, and reservoir characterization and basin analysis studies in Venezuela and Mexico. Bill has a long-standing interest in planetary geology, focusing on cratering processes and morphometrics, lunar stratigraphy, and energy resources in the solar system. He is a Co Chair of the AAPG Astrogeology Committee and is currently a co-editor of the AAPG Special Publication "Energy Resources for Human Settlement in the Solar System and Earth's Future in Space". He also served as President of the Energy Minerals Division of AAPG in 2006-2007.