mars covered glacial deposits middle latitudes


Thomas Brothers


Institute for Geophysics/Jackson School of Geosciences

I am a current graduate student pursuing a PhD in planetary science working with Dr. Jack Holt and Dr. Lesli Wood. My undergraduate studies were conducted at the University of California, Berkeley where I received my BA in Geology. My interests focus on Mars including Chasma Boreale and the implications for its formation and alteration resulting in the current observed morphology. I initially looked to combine SHARAD data with optic imagery in order to ascertain previous conditions of mars, looking primarily at impact crater sites as they were suspected to contain sedimentary record in their stratigraphy. Complications in this have caused temporary cessation of this work and a shift towards addressing the issue of martian landscape evolution given new subsurface data for the Northern Polar Layered Deposits (NPLD). Previous attempts to explain features once associated with Chasma Boreale relied heavily on a massive melt event and catastrophic outflow. In the absence of such an event it becomes necessary to rethink the morphology of this region, to clarify how landforms evolved, and to carefully reconstruct the chronology of the planet's evolution. While still new to this region and the instrumentation, I believe these to be realistic goals given the amount of data covering this region.