the pelican nebula

IC 5067 in the Pelican Nebula [César Blanco González]

Astronomy 393S - Spring 2014

Seminar in Interstellar Matter

F 2:00 · RLM 15.216B · 48805


Neal Evans

RLM 15.312A · (512) 471-4396 · email






Jan 17

Neal Evans

University of Texas at Austin

Organizational meeting.


Jan 24

Mike Endl

University of Texas at Austin

"Kepler Summary and Future Prospects for Exoplanets"


Jan 31

Seokho Lee

Kyung-Hee University

"The Warm CO Gas along the UV Heated Cavity Walls in Protostars"


Jan 31

Hyerin Je

Kyung-Hee University

"DIGIT Herschel Observations of GSS30-IRS1"


Feb 7

Andrew Mann

University of Texas at Austin

"The Secret lives of Kepler's Coolest Planet Hosts"


Feb 14

Klaus Pontoppidan

Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)

"The Future of Infrared Spectroscopy in Star and Planet Formation"


Feb 21

Joel Green, Rebecca Larson, and Yao-Lun Yang

University of Texas at Austin

"The Multiple Talents of the Herschel Space Observatory: Properties of Protostars"


Feb 28

Nalin Vutisalchavakul

University of Texas at Austin

"Star Formation Relations in the Galactic Plane"


Mar 7

Young-Chol Minh

Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI)

"The Circumnuclear Disk of our Galactic Center"


Mar 14

Spring Break: March 10-14. No talk scheduled.


Mar 21

Marshall Johnson

University of Texas at Austin

"Transiting Planets around Rapidly-Rotating Stars via Doppler Tomography"


Mar 28

Kim Arvidsson

Schreiner University

"The Milky Way Project and its Small Bubbles"



Apr 4

Daniel Jaffe, Mike Pavel, Kyle Kaplan

University of Texas at Austin

"Results from the IGRINS Commissioning Run"


Apr 11

Mike Dunham

Yale University

"The Evolution of Protostars: Assembling Stars from Dense Cores"



Apr 18

Andrew Riddle

University of Texas at Austin

"IR Spectroscopy of Low-Mass Eclipsing Binaries with IGRINS"


Apr 25

Gaspar Bakos

Princeton University

(Tinsley Scholar/Planetary Group) (host: M. Endl) "Extrasolar Planets with Small Telescopes"



May 2

Anita Cochran & Adam McKay

University of Texas at Austin

(joint presentation) "The Joys and Tribulations of Observing Comets near the Sun"