Astronomy 386S - Spring 2013

Seminar in Extragalactic Astronomy

Th 3:30 · RLM 15.216B · Not for credit in Spring 2013


Derek Wills

RLM 15.314 · (512) 471-1392 · email





Jan 17

Derek Wills

University of Texas at Austin

Organizational meeting.

Jan 24

No talk scheduled.

Jan 31

No talk scheduled.

Feb 7

No talk scheduled.

Feb 14

Steve Finkelstein, host

University of Texas at Austin

"Extragalactic Discussion Group"

Feb 21

No talk scheduled.

Feb 28

You are encouraged to attend the ZuHone presentation on Monday, 25 February, during the Astro Theory Seminar meeting time.

Mar 7

John Kormendy

University of Texas at Austin

"Coevolution (Or Not) of Supermassive Black Holes and Host Galaxies, Part I" See: (Kormendy & Ho 2013, ARA&A, 51, in press)

Mar 14

No talk scheduled. Spring Break: 11-15 March.

Mar 21

Masami Ouchi

University of Tokyo, ICRR

"Lyman Alpha Emitters and their Roles in Galaxy Formation"

Mar 28

No talk scheduled today. The Exgal talk this week is happening on Monday, 25 March, during the Astro Theory 3:30 time slot.

Apr 4

Steve Finkelstein

University of Texas at Austin

"general discussion"

Apr 11

Greg Shields

University of Texas at Austin

"A Captured Runaway Black Hole in NGC 1277"

Apr 18

Bart Wakker

University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Gas Around Galaxies - HVCs and the Lyalpha Forest"

Apr 25

Speaker: TBD

Affiliation: TBA

No talk scheduled, to avoid conflict with Nealfest (24-26 April).

May 2

Enrique Lopez Rodriguez

University of Texas, San Antonio

"Title: TBA"

whirlpool galaxy

Whirlpool Galaxy [Osservatorio MTM]