Astronomy 381S - Spring 2013

Seminar in Theoretical Astrophysics

M 3:30 · RLM 15.216B · Not for credit in Spring 2013


Milos Milosavljevic

RLM 17.220 · (512) 471-3397 · email





Jan 14

No talk scheduled.

Jan 21

No talk scheduled. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: Staff Holiday, University Closed.

Jan 28

No talk scheduled.

Feb 4

No talk scheduled.

Feb 11

No talk scheduled.

Feb 18

No talk scheduled.

Feb 25

John ZuHone

Space Flight Center

(host: Steve Finkelstein) "The Physics of Gas Sloshing in the Cores of Galaxy Clusters"

Mar 4

No talk scheduled.

Mar 11

No talk scheduled. Spring Break: 11-15 March.

Mar 18

Frederic V. Hessman

Georg-August-Universitat Gottingen

(host: David Lambert) "The Bosma Effect: Why is the ISM a dynamical tracer of DM?"

Mar 25

John Kormendy

University of Texas at Austin

"Coevolution (or Not) of Supermassive Black Holes and Host Galaxies: Part II"

Apr 1

Manos Chatzopoulos

University of Texas at Austin

PhD Defense Presentation (starts at 3:00 PM): "Theoretical Studies of Superluminous Supernovae"

Apr 8

Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz

University of California, Santa Cruz

"Profiling Massive Black Holes through Stellar Tidal Disruption"

Apr 15

Emma Yu

University of Texas at Austin

(2nd Year Defense/Qualifying Exam) "Tracing the CO 'Ice Line' in an MRI-active Protoplanetary Disk Around the Young Sun"

Apr 22

Chalence Safranek-Shrader

University of Texas at Austin

"Simulating Metal-Poor, Clustered Star Formation in the First Galaxies" (Note: this is being held in the Evans Conference Room - RLM 15.202A)

Apr 29

Brian Mulligan

University of Texas at Austin

(2nd Year Defense/Qualifying Exam) (starts at 3:00 PM): "3-D Inhomogenous Type Ia Supernova Interaction with the Very Nearby Environment"

virgo cluster

Virgo Cluster [Andreo]