lensed star forming region
Astronomy 381S - Spring 2009
M 3:30 · RLM 15.216B · Unique No. 48570


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Jan 26

David Parkinson

University of Sussex, England

"Optimising the next generation of Dark Energy Surveys"

Feb 02

Jun Zhang

University of California, Berkeley

"Weak Lensing and Large Scale Structure"
(Texas Cosmology Center speaker)

Feb 09

Martin Gaskell

University of Texas at Austin

"Feeling edgy: seeing and interpreting atomic features in AGN accretion"

Feb 16


No talk scheduled.

Feb 23

Andrei Frolov

Simon Fraser University, Burnaby BC, Canada

"Primordial Non-Gaussianity from Preheating"

Mar 02

Brad Hansen

University of California, Los Angeles

"Models for the Formation of the Pulsar Planets, and what they can tell us about the formation of the Solar System"

Mar 09

Bhuvnesh Jain

University of Pennsylvania

"Testing Gravity with Gravitational Lensing and Dynamics" abstract
(Texas Cosmology Center Colloquium)

Mar 16

Spring Break


No talk scheduled. Spring Break = March 16-20.

Mar 23

Chris Lindner

University of Texas at Austin

Journal Club: "Hydrodynamical Accretion Flows into Black Holes"

Mar 23

Manos Chatzopoulos

University of Texas at Austin

Journal Club: "An Antarctic ice core recording both supernovae and solar cycles" by Motizuki, Y. et al., arXiv:0902.3446

Mar 30

Rodolfo Barniol Duran

University of Texas at Austin

"Fermi-LAT observations of GRB 080916C: New frontiers in GRB studies"

Mar 30

Athena Stacy

University of Texas at Austin

"Protostellar Accretion in the Early Universe"

Apr 06

Sean Couch

University of Texas at Austin

"Understanding the Shock Breakout Emission of SN2008D"

Apr 13

Chalence Safranek-Shrader

University of Texas at Austin

"Fragmentation in the First Galaxies"

Apr 13

Rongfeng Shen

University of Texas at Austin

"The Late Jet in Gamma-Ray Bursts and its Interactions with SN Ejecta and a Cocoon"

Apr 20

Jarrett Johnson

University of Texas at Austin

Doctoral Defense: "Star Formation in the Assembly of the First Galaxies" (special time: 12:00 noon)

Apr 21

Jorge Moreno

Haverford College, Haverford, Pennsylvania

"Do Halo Mergers Trigger Quasars?" abstract
(This Astro Theory Seminar will be held during the Astronomy Colloquium time-slot.)

Apr 28

Daniel Kagan

University of Texas at Austin

"SN2005E: A New Type of Supernova"
(This Astro Theory Seminar be held during the Tuesday Astronomy Colloquium time-slot.)

May 04

Donghui Jeong

University of Texas at Austin

"Galaxy bias with Gaussian/non-Gaussian initial condition : a pedagogical introduction"

May 04

Masatoshi Shoji

University of Texas at Austin

"Effects of Non-Linear Pressure and the Massive Neutrino on the Matter Power Spectrum"

Lynx Arc: lensed star forming region-11 billion light-years (ESA/ST-ECF)