mauna kea

Panorama from Mauna Kea [W. Pacholka]

Astronomy 383L - Fall 2013

Cosmos Seminar

W 3:00 · RLM 15.216B · Not for credit Fall 2013


Daniel Jaffe

RLM 16.342 · (512) 471-2877 · email






Aug 28

No talk scheduled.


Sep 4

J. Craig Wheeler

University of Texas at Austin

"Open House discussion: Questions and Context of the McDonald Observatory Directorship"


Sep 11

No talk scheduled.


Sep 18

Jonathan Trump

Penn State University

"How do Galaxies Grow their Supermassive Black Holes?" (host: S. Finkelstein)



Sep 25

Special Colloquium Speaker

See the handbills posted around the department for the details of the special colloquium that is being held today.


Oct 2

No talk scheduled.


Oct 9

No talk scheduled.


Oct 16

A UT Austin Astronomy Faculty meeting is being held at this time.


Oct 23

Mansi Kasliwal

Carnegie Institution for Science

"Seeing Gravitational Waves: Transients in the Local Universe" (host: Gebhardt)



Oct 30

Sarah Miller

University of California, Irvine

"Uncovering Dark Matter Properties with Astrophysics" (host: Jogee)



Nov 6

Caitlin M. Casey

University of California, Irvine

"Mergers or not? A Submillimeter Perspective on Cosmic Star Formation" (host: S. Finkelstein)



Nov 13

No talk scheduled.


Nov 20

A UT Astronomy Faculty and Research Scientist Meeting is being held at this time.


Nov 27

Speaker: TBD

Affiliation: TBA

"Title: TBA"


Dec 4

Speaker: TBD

Affiliation: TBA

"Title: TBA"