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FALL 1998

(Memo to Undergraduate Astronomy Students)
Astronomy 301 Frank Bash
Astronomy 301 James Douglas
Astronomy 301 Paul Harvey
Astronomy 301 Daniel Jaffe
Astronomy 301 John Scalo
Astronomy 301 J. Craig Wheeler
Astronomy 301 Derek Wills
Astronomy 301 (Freshman Seminar) J. Craig Wheeler
Astronomy 302 James Douglas
Edward Nather
Robert Robbins
Derek Wills
Astronomy 103L Gregory Shields
J. Craig Wheeler
Donald Winget
Astronomy 104 Gregory Shields
Astronomy 307 James Douglas
Astronomy 309L Paul Harvey
Astronomy 309N Harriet Dinerstein
Astronomy 309P Edward Nather
Astronomy 309Q Derek Wills
Astronomy 309R Gregory Shields
Astronomy 350L Robert Robbins
Astronomy 358 Harriet Dinerstein
Astronomy 380E John Lacy
Astronomy 381 Paul Shapiro
Astronomy 383C Donald Winget
Astronomy 185C Harriet Dinerstein

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