I. Introductory Remarks - figures (pdf)
II. Properties of Electromagnetic Radiation - figures (pdf)
III. Photometry: Measuring Stellar Brightness - figures (pdf)
IV. Effects of the Earth's Atmosphere - figures (pdf)
V. Observational Tools and Techniques - figures (pdf)
VI. Spectroscopy and Stellar Spectra - figures (pdf)
VII. Interpreting Stellar Spectra - figures (pdf)
VII'. The Structure and Physics of the Interstellar Medium - figures (pdf)
VIII. The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram - figures (pdf)
IX. Stellar Motions and Orbits - figures (pdf)
X. Binary Stars - figures (pdf)
XI. Radiative Transfer - figures (pdf)
XII. - figures (pdf)

Variables - figures (pdf)
Procyon - (pdf)