Expenses & Reimbursement

The reimbursement form requires the free Acrobat Reader.


To process reimbursements, download the pdf form here or at right, print, fill out and return hard copy to: Terry Bruegging

**Owners of the Acrobat Professional software can save responses typed directly into the form and submit via email (save is disabled in the free Acrobat Reader).

Reimbursements must be taxed as income if submitted more than 90 days after completing travel.

Expenses are reimbursable to the individual traveler only -- Never pay for someone else's expenses.

  • Checked Bag Fees

    For mandatory first bag fees, the expense is reimbursable so long as the bag meets airline weight requirements. For second bags, the state agency or UT department must verify that the second bag is necessary for business and meets weight requirements. Documentation explaining why the extra bag is needed is required.

    Both a receipt for the baggage charge, and an explanation of the business purpose of additional bags is required for reimbursements. For overweight bags, an additional explanation is required of the business purpose of the weight overage.

  • Required Receipts

    The following original receipts are required for reimbursement:

    • Airline receipts - itineraries only are not accepted
    • Airline checked baggage fees
    • Rental car receipts
    • Gasoline receipts
    • Bus, taxi, train receipts (for travel between cities)
    • Lodging receipts - detailed folio is required
    • Meals receipts (over daily maximum - when rules allow exceptions to limits)
    • Registration receipts (if paid by the traveler)
    • Miscellaneous expenses

    Receipts are not required within a city for all other transportation, but the expenses must be itemized by date, locale, type, point-to-point, and amount. Receipts for parking expenses are not required. All receipts must reflect payment and a zero balance due.
  • Reimbursable Expenses and Maximum Amounts

    Allowable expenses and limits are adjusted frequently. Please see Accounting's Travel Reimbursements for current information.

  • euro Conversion Rates

    Please use only one conversion rate for each type of currency.

    We prefer http://www.oanda.com/.