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AST 381S


Astronomy 381S - Spring 2008
M 3:30-4:40 · RLM 15.216B · Unique No. 49565

eta carinae


Milos Milosavljevic

Office: RLM 17.214
Hours: M 2-3, or by appt
Phone: (512) 471-3397
Jan. 14
none scheduled
Meeting-time swapped with Interstellar Matter Seminar.
Jan. 18
Ramesh Narayan,
Harvard University  
Special Theory Seminar (2:00 pm): In Search of the Black Hole Event Horizon
Jan. 21
none scheduled
Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday - University Closed.
Jan. 28
Milos Milosavljevic
Organizational Meeting.
Feb. 04

No talk scheduled.
Feb. 11
No talk scheduled.
Feb. 18
Milos Milosavljevic
The Shy Flower: The Formation of Nuclear Star Clusters
Feb. 25
Thomas Greif
Univ. of Heidelberg 
The Formation of the First Stars and Galaxies
Mar. 03
Beth Fernandez
Fluctuations in the Near Infrared Background
none scheduled
Spring Break (March 10 - 14)
Mar. 17
Liubin Pan
PhD Dissertation Defense: Turbulent Mixing of Chemical Elements in Galaxies meeting early, at 3:00 pm (instead of 3:30 pm)
Mar. 24
Athena Stacy
Protostellar Accretion in the Early Universe
Mar. 24
Jarrett Johnson
An Extension of the Collapsar Model for Gamma-Ray Bursts
Mar. 31
Donghui Jeong
Is it possible to remove annoying fingers in the redshift space?
Mar. 31
Jun Koda
Evolution and Relaxation of Cosmological Self-Interacting Dark Matter Halos
Apr. 07
Yuki Watanabe
Inflation in String Theory and Heating Our Universe
Apr. 14
Eric Gawiser
Special Colloquium: Lyman Alpha Emitting Galaxies at z=3.1: Progenitors of Present-day L* Galaxies
Apr. 15
Rongfeng Shen
Tuesday, in the Colloquium time-slot: The Prompt Optical Emission and the Emission Site of GRBs
Apr. 15
Barniol Duran
Tuesday, in the Colloquium time-slot: Adiabatic Expansion, Early X-Ray Data and the Central Engine in GRBs: Results
Apr. 21
 Sean Couch 
 2nd Year Defense: Jets in Astrophysical Explosions
Apr. 28
 Masatoshi Shoji 
 2nd Year Defense: Deciphering the Dark Engraved on the Universe: from HETDEX to the Dark Energy Cosmos


28 May 2008
Astronomy Program · The University of Texas at Austin · Austin, Texas 78712
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