"Wing" of the SMC [Chandra/Spitzer/STScI]

Astronomy 307 - Fall 2015

Introductory Astronomy

TTh 12:30-2 · RLM 5.104 · 46715


The scores for Exam 3 are posted on Canvas, as well as the Course Total numerical score calculated as described in the Syllabus and in the 11/2 entry of the Announcements Archive. To translate your numerical score to a letter grade, use the Table posted on the Exams page, and read off the column in percentages.

You now have a choice to make. If you wish, you may take the optional Final Exam, scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 9, 7-9 PM in RLM 5.104, our usual classroom. The optional Final Exam will address material covered over the whole semester, but will be the same length and format as Exams 2 and 3. Prof. Dinerstein will not be present at the final exam, which will be proctored by Jacob and another faculty member.

Office hours for the week of Dec. 7 - 11 will be as follows: Prof. Dinerstein will hold office hours on Monday, Dec. 7, 1-2 PM, and on Wednesday, Dec. 9, 12-1 PM (the latter is a change). Jacob will hold office hours onTuesday, 2-3 PM. At these office hours you will be able to pick up your graded Exam 3 and see which questions you missed. If you missed any previous exam, the optional final exam is your make-up opportunity. If you have taken all three earlier exams and also take the final, the best 3 out of the 4 exams will be counted for your course grade.

"Wing" of the SMC [Chandra/Spitzer/STScI]


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