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I have been contributing the President's Column to the American Astronomical Society Newsletter. I began serving as AAS President in 2006. My term expires in 2008.

Cosmic Catastrophes

Cosmic Catastrophes

I converted my class notes from teaching nearly thirty years of "Astronomy Bizarre" into a book published by Cambridge University Press. The core of this book concerns supernovae, my principle research interest, but the broader theme is the connection of these cosmic catastrophes with the sweep of intellectual ferment in astrophysics. The story leads from the birth, evolution, and death of stars to the notion of complete collapse in a black hole, to worm-hole time machines, the possible birth of new universes, and the prospect of a conceptual revolution in our views of space and time in a ten-dimensional string theory. It is all one glorious, interconnected Universe, both physically and intellectually. Or maybe there are more than one. The second edition is now available. Here is the preface to the first and second editions (pdf).

The Krone Experiment The Krone Experiment

I have written a science thriller novel "The Krone Experiment." If you would like a copy of this cult classic in hardback, you can let me know and we can probably work something out. Check out the Austin-made, independent digital film of "The Krone Experiment."

The Krone Experiment is also now available as an ebook, available from all popular vendors including Smashwords and Amazon.

Krone Ascending Krone Ascending

Krone Ascending

The sequel to The Krone Experiment, Krone Ascending, is also available as an ebook from popular vendors, including Smashwords and Amazon.

I have ideas for a third and maybe a fourth book in the Krone series and have written half an internet-based astronomy thriller "Connections."

I write in the genre of Lab Lit.

Travel Stories

I have written some stories from my travels around the world as an astronomer. One on China dates from 1984. Another one is about my first trip to Copenhagen.

Short Stories

The local alternative paper, The Austin Chronicle, also sponsors a short story writing contest every year with a limit of 2000 words per story. I have contributed to this for a while, just as an exercise in writing. I've posted them here for viewing:


I have also written up some memories of an especially well-publicized college prank. That's the Great Pumpkin Hack.

My father participated in the development of the first hydrogen bomb. Some of this story is in Eniwetok (see also Sleet Sue).

To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the march on Washington, I finally wrote up Memory of a Dream (2003).

You can also view my astronomical research papers.

4 March 2013
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