Casey's Research Group

The University of Texas at Austin

Research Group Members

Prof. Caitlin Casey
Assistant Professor, UT Austin
I am the leader of the group and focus on a broad range of science related to dust-obscured, gas-rich galaxies. Please read over our group research page to learn more about some of our specific projects and my past work.

Dr. Jorge Zavala
Postdoctoral Fellow, UT Austin
Jorge is an expert in submillimeter and millimeter-selected galaxies, from their detection in single-dish and interferometric datasets, to their physical characteristics and origins.

Dr. Justin Spilker
Affiliate Member, Harlan Smith McDonald Postdoctoral Fellow
Justin is an expert on gravitationally lensed millimeter galaxies as well as the quenching of star formation in massive galaxies across cosmic time.

Sinclaire Manning
3rd year graduate student, UT Austin
NSF Graduate Research Fellow
Sinclaire is working on using radio morphological signatures to study the physical triggering mechanisms for z=1-3 radio galaxies as part of the e-MERLIN SuperCLASS project. Sinclaire has been working on the reduction and photometric redshift catalog for the SuperCLASS field, which will also be used to make weak-lensing measurements at GHz radio continuum wavelengths.

Jackie Champagne
2nd year graduate student, UT Austin
Jackie is working to understand the molecular gas content of dusty star-forming galaxies in overdense environments using radio and submillimeter telescopes like the Very Large Array and the Atacama Large Millimeter Array. How do these spectacular galaxies evolve differently when they live in rich corners of the Universe? Are they predominantly merger driven? Are they unique markers of a galaxy cluster's rapid, stochastic growth?

Patrick Drew
2nd year graduate student, UT Austin
Patrick is analyzing kinematic data of z=1.5 dusty star-forming galaxies to understand their underlying physical drivers via detailed physical characterization, making precision measurements of dynamical mass, dust mass, and star-formation rate. He plans to continue this work by shedding new light on the optical/near-infrared emission characteristics of some of the most obscured galaxies in the Universe, building on the pioneering work of redshift surveys of Chapman et al. 2005 and Casey et al. 2012b.

Current Undergraduate Members

Maryam Hussaini, UT Austin Undergradaute (starting summer 2020)
Anne Burnham, UT Austin Post-BAC (2017-present)

Former Members (years in group)

Derek Zapata, Colby College Undergraduate and TAURUS Scholar (2019)
Luna Urias, Texas Tech Undergraduate and TAURUS Scholar (2019)
Laney Wicker, UT Austin Undergraduate (2018-2019), current data scientist
Aimee Schechter, UT Austin Undergraduate (2017-2019), current graduate student at University of Colorado
Gabriella Sanchez, University of Hawai'i Undergraduate and TAURUS Scholar (2018)
Oscar Cantua, University of Texas San Antonio and TAURUS Scholar (2018)
Richard Seifert, UT Austin Undergraduate (2017-2018), current graduate student at the University of Virginia
Dr. Chao-Ling Hung, Harlan J. Smith Fellow (2015-2017), former faculty at Manhattan College, current data scientist
Meghana Killi, UT Austin Undergraduate (2016-2018), current graduate student at DAWN Copenhagen
Jonathon Brown, MIT Undergraduate and TAURUS Scholar (2017)
Julia Orenstein, UT Austin Undergraduate (2017)
Derek Holman, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga undergraduate and TAURUS Scholar (2016), current engineer
Pranav Nair, UT Austin Undergraduate (2016)