Casey's Research Group

The University of Texas at Austin

Interested in joining the group?

I'm currently hiring postdocs! Read more about available postdoc projects HERE. I am also looking to recruit graduate students this year. If you're interested, please apply to UT Austin's astronomy program!

Research Group Members

Prof. Caitlin Casey, Associate Professor
Jackie Champagne, 6th year grad student
Patrick Drew, 6th year grad student
Olivia Cooper, 2nd year grad student
Arianna Long, finishing grad student at UC Irvine
Dr. Justin Spilker, Hubble Fellow, soon-to-be faculty at Texas A&M University (Spring 2022)

Former Members (years in group)

Dr. Sinclaire Manning, UT Austin graduate student, current Hubble fellow at UMass Amherst (2015-2021)
Dr. Jorge Zavala, UT Austin postdoctoral fellow, current staff scientist at NAOJ (2017-2021)
Dr. Chao-Ling Hung, Harlan J. Smith Fellow (2015-2017), former faculty at Manhattan College, current data scientist

Maryam Hussaini, UT Austin Undergradaute (2020)
Anne Burnham, UT Austin Post-BAC (2017-2020)
Derek Zapata, Colby College Undergraduate and TAURUS Scholar (2019)
Luna Urias, Texas Tech Undergraduate and TAURUS Scholar (2019)
Laney Wicker, UT Austin Undergraduate (2018-2019), current graduate student at Scripps/UCSD
Aimee Schechter, UT Austin Undergraduate (2017-2019), current graduate student at University of Colorado
Gabriella Sanchez, University of Hawai'i Undergraduate and TAURUS Scholar (2018)
Oscar Cantua, University of Texas San Antonio and TAURUS Scholar (2018)
Richard Seifert, UT Austin Undergraduate (2017-2018), current graduate student at the University of Virginia
Meghana Killi, UT Austin Undergraduate (2016-2018), current graduate student at DAWN Copenhagen
Jonathon Brown, MIT Undergraduate and TAURUS Scholar (2017)
Julia Orenstein, UT Austin Undergraduate (2017)
Derek Holman, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga undergraduate and TAURUS Scholar (2016), current engineer
Pranav Nair, UT Austin Undergraduate (2016)