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Ted von Hippel
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Mary Kay Hemenway
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Mary Kay Hemenway
The University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Hemenway is the EPO lead on the White Dwarf team. From 1980-94, and again from 1996-present, Hemenway serves as Director, Astronomy Department Educational Services Office. This office provides support for teaching aspects for the department. From 1999 onward she has also worked with the McDonald Observatory Public Information Office directing the efforts for designing and implementing educational programs for McDonald Observatory in Fort Davis, TX. For the past twenty-four years she has been active in a variety of education projects that serve K-16 teachers and their students in Texas and nationally.


mary kay hemenway

Travis Metcalfe
High Altitude Observatory, Boulder, CO

Travis Metcalfe is an NSF Fellow at the High Altitude Observatory in Boulder, Colorado. In 1999 he founded White Dwarf Research Corp. (whitedwarf.org), a non-profit organization dedicated to scientific research and public education on topics relevant to white dwarfs. His primary research involves studying the interiors of pulsating stars through a technique known as astero-seismology.


travis metcalf

Ted von Hippel
The University of Texas at Austin

Ted von Hippel leads the White Dwarf team. Ted is a Research Scientist at The University of Texas at Austin. His primary research interests are the history and age of Galactic and Local Group stellar populations, observational tests of stellar evolution, and extrasolar planet and life searches.


ted von hippel

8 November 2005
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