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Using your personal car:

  1. When using your personal car, you may claim mileage or gas (with receipts), but not both.
  2. Rentals cars with gas cards are recommended by the travel office, rather than the use of a personal vehicle. Advance request for both the rental and the gas card is required.
  3. Gas cards can not be used with personal cars, but with rentals from state contracted agencies only.

State contracted car rental agencies:

  1. Make your reservation at one of the agency web sites below.
  2. Important!
    Obtain direct bill numbers from the travel office prior to making your reservation.

All travelers on university-related business are REQUIRED to use a state approved rental agency unless all 3 are sold out, or they can provide proof of a lesser charge from another vendor. If you choose a non-approved agency, you must purchase the rental agency insurance strictly out-of-pocket. It IS reimbursable.

International car rental:

  1. State of Texas car rental contracts are for the US only. When renting outside the US, use any vendor, and make sure that insurance coverage is purchased. Insurance is an approved reimbursement (or charge to departmental direct bill number), as international car rental agreements cover liability only.

Rate Sheet (pdf)
All approved contract rental rates for Advantage, Avis and Enterprise


  Advantage Rent-A-Car



Mini-vans, and 4x4's includes 100 free miles per day, and $.20 per excess mile in Texas and $.32 per excess mile outside of Texas.

Surcharges will be charged as follows:
$3.00 (Atlanta/Georgia, Charlotte/North Carolina, Cleveland/Ohio, Illinois State, Kansas City/Missouri, Minneapolis/Minnesota, New Orleans/Louisiana, New York State except New York City, New York Airports, and the New York Metro Area as listed below, Phoenix/Arizona, Seattle/Washington, St. Louis Missouri); $5.00 (Alaska State, Hartford/Connecticut, Pittsburgh/Pennsylvania); $8.00 (Baltimore/Maryland, Boston/Massachusetts, Chicago/Illinois, Detroit/Michigan, Philadelphia/Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C.; $14.00 (New York City Metro/New York; $19.00 (Newark/New Jersey); $24.00 (Manhattan/New York, JFK and LaGuardia Airports/New York City). These surcharges are added to the above rate structure in the reservation systems for these cities only.


  Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Luxury cars include 175 free miles per day, 1,050 per week, 3,000 free miles per month.

Mini-vans, and 4x4's include 200 free miles per day, 1,200 free miles per week and 3,000 free miles per month. Additional mileage is charged at .20 per mile.

15-passenger vans include 200 free miles per day, 1,200 free miles per week and 3,000 free miles per month. Additional mileage is charged at .20 per mile. 15-passenger vans cannot be operated in CT, DC, FL, IA, MA, NY, and ME and cannot be used to transport children in the 12th grade or younger, other than family members for school related functions.

Enterprise Airport Locations Honoring Texas State Contract— pdf