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Public Lecture

dr. bill cochran

Twenty-Third Annual Great Lecture in Astronomy

Alien Worlds

Dr. William Cochran
University of Texas at Austin

Sat., Feb. 21, 1-2 PM
Avaya Auditorium, POB 2.302 · Details

astronomy on tap austin


Astronomy on Tap ATX

January 2015

Austin's new chapter of Astronomy on Tap has outgrown its venue, and moves to Scholz Garten, on Tuesday, January 20th. Astronomers Jeffrey Silverman, Eva Noyola, and Brian Mulligan will talk about latest discoveries from the American Astronomical Society's (AAS) meeting in Seattle, The Science and Science Fiction of Black Holes, and Astronomy in Time and Calendars. Questions previously submitted by pub goers for future discussion include, "Are any distant galaxies moving away at almost the speed of light?", and "Why does time move forward?" Astronomy on Tap has chapters in New York City, Columbus, OH, New Haven, CT, and Santiago, Chile.

Amazing Glass

January 2015

GMT Chairman, Dr. Wendy Freedman, and GMT Director, Dr. Pat McCarthy, discuss the extremely challenging engineering specifications for the mirrors and superstructure of the Giant Magellan Telescope, and some of the mysteries the telescope will begin to explore..

HET's Nitrogen Tank Installation

January 2015

The HET Wide Field Upgrade advances on schedule with many crews taking delivery and assembling complex systems. The second VIRUS enclosure is scheduled for installation on the telescope this month. Construction of a clean room in the loading bay, to accept and test the 4 glass Spherical Aberration corrector from the University of Arizona, started in December. In the video above, a nitrogen tank is delivered and installed. Catch up at HET Blog.