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 Artist's Rendering

 Concept rendering of the HET


 Facility and Control-Service Building

 Facility and Control/Service Building, March 1995

 View of HET Site

 Aerial view of the HET on Mount Fowlkes (below) and other McDonald Observatory telescopes on Mount Locke (top)



 HET Frame Structure

 HET Telescope Structure



 View from CCAS Tower

 View of the HET enclosure from the CCAS Tower


 Primary Mirror Truss

 Primary Mirror Truss


 View of Truss Installation

 View of truss installation


 Dome Skeleton

 Dome skeleton


 View of Mirror Truss

 Bird's eye (and fish-eye) view of the mirror truss


 Lifting the Tracker

 Beginning of tracker lift


 Structure, Truss, and Tracker

 Tracker installed on top hex of HET structure



 Mirror Segment Support

 Mirror segment support



 Lifting the Dome

 Dome skeleton lift


 Completed Primary Mirror

 Completed primary mirror with all 91 segments installed


 Initial Three Mirror Segments

 Installation of first three mirror segments



 Concept drawing of Prime Focus Instrument Package (PFIP)


 HET Team

 HET Project Team

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29 July 2002
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