2.7m Telescope - Cassegrain f/8.8
2.1m Telescope - Cassegrain f/13.7

Imaging Grism Instrument (IGI)
Scientist: Dr. Gary Hill, (512) 471-1477, hill@astro.as.utexas.edu

A high-efficiency, low-resolution grism spectrograph and focal reducer (5:1). IGI uses the TK4 CCD as a detector, and covers 400-1000 nm. On the 2.7m in imaging mode (2 inch square BVRI filters) it can reach mV = 22 mag in 3 minutes and mR = 23.5 in 15 minutes with a 7 arcmin field. In the spectroscopy mode it can reach mV = 20 mag in 30 minutes and cover a wavelength range from 0.4 to 1.0 micron (not simultaneously) at a resolution of 12-20 Angstroms. Multi-slit (up to 25 object) capability is available, using slitlet masks. IGI uses the Apogee or STAR-1 CCD cameras for offset guiding. Contact Gary Hill directly for details, and a manual is available below.

Gary Hill's manual for IGI is available in Adobe Acrobat PDF , PostScript and HTML formats.

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10 March 2003
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